About VVGP

Veda Vedanga Gaveshana Parishath (VVGP), was set up in the year 2000 under the patronage of Dr. K.P. Dharmaraja Iyer, a renowned scholar, educationist and social scientist who had served as the Professor and Head of Department of Chemistry in the University College, Thiruvananthapuram, with the objective to impart and treat Astrology as a science for the betterment of society dispelling superstitions. The organization pursues academic and scientific researches (Gaveshana) in astrology and related sciences, in a modern perspective, to the tune of times.

With in a short span of eight years, Veda Vedanga Gaveshana Parishath had been able to have a building of its own in the heart of the city at Sreekanteswaram and has currently a Life membership of over Five Hundred persons from all walks of life.

The main objectives of Veda Vedanga Gaveshana Parishath are:

To Conduct courses in the areas of astrology and allied subjects.

To Offer services in the area of astrology and related sciences.

To Establish a reference library to aid astrological study and research.

Preserve authenticated books on astrology and other vedic sciences and make them available for reference.

To Conduct seminars for discussing various topics in vedic astrology and related sciences.

Our Services

  • Astrology consultation

    We offer scientific astrological consultancy on all seven days a week

      • Prediction
      • Selecting Muhurta – choosing auspicious timings for starting significant activities
      • Choosing partners in business and marriage
      • Diagnosis of diseases and possible timings of their occurrences
      • Preparing detailed horoscopes in English / Malayalam
  • Vastu Consultaion

    Most eminent experts in Vastu consultancy from our pool of trained vastu astrologers.

  • Palmistry Consultation

    We arrange most eminent experts in palmistry consultancy from our pool of trained Palmists.

Acharya Devo Bhava

In addition to Physical Chemistry, Acharya has incessantly been pursuing research in the various aspects of Astrology for more than 30 years. He has made immense contributions in focusing Astrology as a Logical Natural Science and in exposing the superstitions being practiced by touts.